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#1 in preferred formulary coverage

OneTouch® test strips have the lowest co-pay on the most health plans† and are always covered on traditional Medicare Part B:

  • Nearly 42% of OneTouch® brand users with private insurance pay $0 on 50ct test strips§
  • Medicare Part B patients pay $0 with most supplemental insurance

View and print coverage grids for SMBG

OneTouch® testing supplies are ALWAYS covered by Medicare Part B

Call 1-844-942-2654 or click to learn more about Medicare coverage and product availability.

Order samples quickly and easily

We make it simple to order samples, so you can help your patients choose the right OneTouch® meter.

Your patients can get a blood glucose meter at no-charge

9 out of 10 patients agreed ColorSure® technology could help them make better decisions about their diabetes because it makes results easier to understand.|| 

Ask your patients to complete the OneTouch® offer form, or you can download the voucher and share it directly with your patients.