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Welcome to the OneTouch® Product Theater

OneTouch® apps and blood glucose monitoring products in your practice can simplify patient care and make consultations with your patients more meaningful. Learn from opinion leaders and subject matter experts on practical implementations for managing your diabetes population.

Professional Education from Lifescan Diabetes Institute

Lifescan Diabetes Institute is a unique global professional education initiative designed to provide education, training, and support to help improve care for people with diabetes. Our programs include in-person training and education, distance learning modules, webinars, peer-to-peer exchanges and other educational resources for healthcare professionals. We offer:

Clinical Videos: 2 to 10 minute videos that provide busy healthcare professionals with tips and insights from leading diabetes care professionals. Topic areas include Behavior Change, Glucose Monitoring, and Medication Management.

Continuing Education through the American Association of Diabetes Educators: Self-paced, online continuing education program that focuses on glucose monitoring. Visit for a discount code.

Live Webinars: 60-minute webinars on a variety of topics and issues in diabetes. Register for these webinars at with access code SCHEDULE.

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