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An in-app coaching experience that’s unique to each patient

The in-app diabetes coach engages
each member, and responds in
real-time with individualized coaching
based on their current situation and
unique treatment plan. It gets to know
each member over time, always
learning and adapting to optimize the
coaching experience. It also guides a
patient on how to treat a high or a low
blood glucose in the moment, or how
to resolve a pattern over time.

Health plan or employer sponsorship
is required. Patients can create an
account once they have received their
activation code from their sponsor.

Cost-effective and improved diabetes outcomes2,3

There is a direct correlation between
improved glucose control and cost
savings in both Commercial and
Medicare populations.

Generates a SMART Visit Report to share with care teams

Information that is entered into the OneTouch Reveal® Plus app, including medication list and blood glucose values for the last 30 days, notes, and other health information is collected. This information is compiled into a SMART Visit Report that helps the member and their doctor have more meaningful conversations, and manage their diabetes.


Learn more about the OneTouch Reveal® Plus app through these videos. See how it can help guide your adult members with Type 2 diabetes to achieve overall diabetes control in partnership with their care team.

We’re here to help

Call the OneTouch Reveal® Plus support team to learn more or request a product presentation.

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1The Growing Value of Digital Health Evidence and Impact on Human Health and the Healthcare System. IQVIATM Institute for Human Data Science. November 2017. OneTouch Reveal® Plus is powered by BlueStar®. BlueStar Diabetes by WellDoc, Inc. received the top clinical rating for a diabetes app.
2Quinn CC, et al. Diabetes Care. 2011:34:1934-1942.
3Quinn CC, et al. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2008;10:160-168.