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OneTouch Ping® glucose management system

A brilliant insulin pump. A supersmart meter remote.

The OneTouch Ping® is the two-part system with one thing on its mind: helping your patients perform at their best. The OneTouch Ping® meter remote communicates wirelessly to deliver insulin from the pump. It can test your blood sugar, calculate a bolus, and tell the pump to deliver insulin from nearly 10 feet away. The pump has been tested and proven waterproof up to 12 feet for 24 hours.* Its high contrast, flat panel OLED color screen is self-illuminating for readability and viewing from a wide angle. In addition, the insulin pump comes with CalorieKing™ food database for accurate carb counting on the go.

OneTouch Ping® accuracy bar graph

Accurate, full-function insulin pump.

OneTouch Ping® has superior dosing accuracy of basal insulin delivery versus Medtronic, Roche, and Insulet OmniPod® pumps.§ It delivers a small basal increment rate of 0.025 U/hr across all available basal rates (0.025 to 25.00 U/hr) for precise dosing. In addition, the meter remote uses OneTouch® Ultra® test strips with DoubleSure® Technology which checks each blood sample not once, but twice, giving your patient confidence every time they check their blood sugar.

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OneTouch Ping® bolus calculator line graph

Automated bolus calculator technology that excels.

The OneTouch Ping® has a bolus calculator that is superior at postprandial control versus the Medtronic Bolus Wizard.1, The bolus calculator in OneTouch Ping® corrects blood glucose to the midpoint of the programmed target range. The Medtronic Bolus Wizard® corrects to the outer limits of the target. This can impact the amount of insulin recommended and whether or not a correction is recommended.1,¶

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diasend® web-based diabetes management system

diasend® uploader diabetes software for Animas® Vibe® and OneTouch Ping® systems

diasend®, the web-based diabetes management system, allows your patients to store, review and print insulin pump and blood glucose meter data from their website. On the web-based system, patients can upload data from home, and you can review it between or during appointments. It sorts data into organized charts and graphs on the secure HIPAA-compliant diasend® website. It can help you identify areas for improvement with your patients.

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